Laundry_room_accessoriesAt J.H. Stuckey Distributing, we offer everything you need to outfit your laundry rooms, providing a pleasing laundry experience and enhanced bottom-line profits. We can provide virtually any item you may need to fully outfit your multi-housing laundry rooms, including signage, change machines, energy-efficient water heaters, debit-card systems, soap machines and much more.

To learn more about our line of ancillary products, visit the manufacturers’ web sites:
 Bill Changers, Coin Changers, Coin Counters
 Caco Manufacturing    Bulkheads, Seating Units, Tables, Benches
 Card Concepts, Inc. (CCI)     Laundry Card Technology
 ESD  Laundry Card Systems, Smart Cards, Coin Boxes
 Hamilton Engineering  Water Heaters, Boilers
 High Mark Manufacturing  Bulkheads, Trough Drains, Folding Tables, Seating Units
 R & B Wire Products  Laundry Carts, Laundry Hampers, Basket Trucks
 Set-O-Matic  Credit Card Technology, Electronic Coin Drop
 Solomatic  Bulkheads, Seating Units, Tables, Benches
 Vend-Rite Manufacturing  Soap Venders, Bag Venders, Signage
 WashCard Systems  Laundry Card Systems
 Standard Change-Makers  Bill Changers, Vending Change Machines