Route & Multi-Housing Laundry

Apartment_LaundryView our Multi-Housing Laundry brochure.

We appreciate the numerous considerations you have each day in the management of your multi-housing facility. So whether you are simply looking to purchase vended laundry equipment, or would like a partner in the management of your apartment laundry facility, we offer an option to meet your needs. Here are our multi-housing laundry equipment options:

  • Complete Laundry Room Management We install, maintain and collect from your laundry room(s). Each of our machines includes a non-re-settable cycle counter to ensure accurate distributions. You will receive a monthly revenue distribution, along with a statement detailing your earnings.
  • Equipment Leasing We install and service your laundry equipment for a monthly fee. You control the collection of revenue.
  • Equipment Purchase We sell you the coin laundry equipment to best suit your tenantsí needs. Professional installation is available.
  • Tenant Leasing We offer domestic side-by-side or stacked laundry units to your tenants for a monthly fee.

GreenerWorld_LogoDonít let outdated equipment ruin your utility bills! New, energy-efficient washers and dryers can reduce laundry-related utilities by up to 30%, saving you money while saving your customersí time. We will provide a no-obligation energy analysis of your laundry room and make recommendations to enhance your profitability. Even if you are not in a position to change route operators, we are happy to review your current set-up and offer suggestions to maximize your service and minimize your costs.

MaytagManService is key! We are centrally located in Omaha and our professionally trained service technicians are readily available to respond to your service concerns. You will be assigned a specific service technician dedicated to respond to your needs, usually within 24 hours.