Charcoal and Hardwood Pellet Grills


Charcoal grill enthusiasts have trusted Hasty-Bake to manufacture the highest quality charcoal grills for grilling, smoking, and baking since 1948. Some say Hasty-Bake was the original backyard charcoal grill, but what we do know is that it's the best backyard charcoal grill. Made in the USA. From the full-size Legacy and Gourmet ovens, to the smaller Suburban and Continental models, each Hasty-Bake gives you the unique ability to grill, bake and smoke--all on the same unit! We also offer the Fiesta built-in model and a Portable unit, for Hasty-Bake-ing on the go.

Memphis Wood Fire Grills prides itself on innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We create consumer and environmentally friendly grills that enhance lifestyles and personal comfort. We revolutionize outdoor cooking with our technically advanced, 3- in-1 Cooking Centers that grill, smoke, and bake. Pure, unforgettable flavor. Thatís what you get when you cook, smoke, bake, and grill over 100% natural hardwood pellets. Memphis Wood Fire Grills not only help you create memorable meals, theyíre also jaw-droppingly easy to operate. Itís never been so easy to tap into your culinary genius.

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